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Insight Exploration is a subsidiary of Inside India – a unit of Auroville – and focuses on providing a general overview of Auroville in a manner that is tailored to the specific need of the customer. As experienced organisers of Events and Day-tours in Auroville, our programs help visitors to understand Auroville better.

The international township of Auroville is a multidimensional and multicultural experiment, endorsed by UNESCO, with about 2800 inhabitants from over 50 countries. The aim of the project is to arrive, within the framework of building a city, at a living human unity through the coexistence of people of all nations based on the equality of all men.

However, Auroville is also a spiritual adventure. Its ideals are based on the world-embracing perspective of the Indian Yogi and philosopher Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual partner Mira Alfassa, also known as ‘The Mother’, who initiated the project in 1968. The guiding principle is the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, which emphasizes the collaborative work towards the evolution of a new consciousness that unites physical and spiritual realities.

The commitment of the Aurovilians resulted in development of inter-cultural, architectural, environmental, technological, educational and social projects and activities in the community. Some of these go far beyond the immediate project area and the regional environment and now extend to other parts of India and the world.

Please contact us if you are interested in an introductory program that allows you to explore various aspects and areas of the community or the spiritual dimension of Auroville. 


Walking tours through Auroville
Customised sightseeing tours in Auroville
Multi-day Auroville introduction Program
Thematic study programs for students

Around Auroville

Shorter outings and trips in the area around Auroville

Day Excursions

For those who are keen to explore and familiarize themselves with the region in which Auroville is located, trips can be organised to visit the interesting places.

About Us

Auroville Insight Exploration has emerged in response to the increasing interest in Auroville. With the high influx of visitors, there is also a growing need to satisfy their curiosity about our evolving city.

Our objective is to present Auroville in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s vision, aligning it with the present reality. To do this, we have come up with various means to reach out to those visiting Auroville: via tours around Auroville and its adjoining areas, Talks, Presentations and Interactive Sessions with knowledgeable Auroville residents that are engaged in various fields of their expertise.

Our qualified team members are from India and other countries. This is highly appreciated by our clients from all over the world, since it enables us to empathize with various culturally determined needs and communicate in several languages.

On appointment, programs can include other Auroville residents who contribute in the overall effort by giving Talks and Presentations on their field of expertise and introduce guests to their projects or activity, on location.


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