Explore Auroville

This is an introductory tour of the emerging city of Auroville, facilitated by an Auroville resident.
Many describe Auroville as an intriguing place and are curious to know more about the experiment, the society and its diverse lifestyles, when visiting. This program helps you to experience the ambience and acquire a broader overview of the place.

  • Matrimandir Garden
  • Church
  • Galaxy Auroville
  • Auto Travel

Customised Tours

We also provide customised tours for individuals and small groups according to their specific wishes and convenience.
Receive a brief introduction to Auroville followed by a short introductory video.

Booking: These tours should be booked at least 3 days in advance yet giving more notice is recommended.
Minimum number of participants: 1
Maximum number of participants: 20
Duration and Charges: May vary quite a lot depending on the content and the preferences you may have so please contact us for more information: insideindia@auroville.org.in

(The cost will include the guide charges and GST. But, Transport, food and other expenses will be charged extra.)

Thematic study programs and on-site visits

Thematic study programs and on-site visits

We arrange specialised programs for various projects and institutions which entail presentations, talks on relevant themes, visits to pertinent activities of interest in Auroville, etc.

These thematic programs, which we have been conducting for student groups of colleges etc., create a deep understanding of Auroville projects in the field of architecture, farming, handicraft, social development, afforestation and much more.

Booking: We request you to inquire for your preferred study programs well in advance.

Duration: A full-day tour is recommended. We do not accept bookings for Sundays and public holidays.

Rates depend on the program.

Walk-Through Auroville

Walk through the International Zone which is one of the 4 zones that Auroville city is delineated into. Your guide escorts you through various landmarks while explaining their significance.

Walk through the Residential Zone, another of the 4 zones of Auroville. Explore on foot some of the various residential communities and the common areas surrounding them.

Ramble through the Auroville Green Belt, one of the wooded areas around the township and learn how they promote bio-diversity, land regeneration and water management in the region.